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How Does Insulin Work?

Often a doctor is asked How does insulin work?
Insulin is a hormone generated by the pancreas that acts as a key to aid in the use of glucose (sugars) from the blood.

When a diabetic patient adheres to a rigorous DIET, the glucose production in the blood lowers, resulting in a lower challenge.

When a diabetic patient EXERCISES on a daily basis, it aids in the more effective utilization of sugars and, as a result, improved diabetes control.

If despite these attempts, blood sugar levels rise, doctors can aid by using MEDICATION to boost insulin secretion or by administering direct INSULIN injections to regulate the abnormal rise in blood sugar levels.
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साथीच्या रोगात मधुमेहाच्या रुग्णांसाठी निरोगी राहण्याचे मार्ग

साथीच्या रोगात मधुमेहाच्या रुग्णांसाठी निरोगी राहण्याचे

कोरोनाचे रुग्ण दररोज वाढत असून मधुमेह असलेल्या लोकांना साथीच्या आजाराचा धोका इतरांपेक्षा अधिक आहे. कोविड-१९ मध्ये सुरक्षित राहण्यासाठी प्रत्येकाने सुरक्षित सामाजिक अंतर पाळणे आवश्यक आहे, मास्क घालणे, हात धुणे आणि गर्दी टाळणे गरजेचे आहे. जर आपणास मधुमेह असेल तर आणखी जास्त सावधगिरी बाळगण्याची गरज आहे.

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याबाबत रुग्णांशी ऑनलाइन संवाद साधताना मधुमेहतज्ज्ञ  (Diabetologist in Nashik)डॉ. आशुतोष सोनवणे यांनी माहिती दिली की, साथीच्या आजारात मधुमेहाच्या रुग्णांनी आपला मधुमेह नियंत्रणात आहे की नाही? हे सतत सुनिश्चित केले पाहिजे. अशावेळी आपण अधिक सतर्क राहणे गरजेचे आहे.

अशी बाळगा सावधगिरी

  • आपण सर्व सामान्य सावधगिरी बाळगणे आवश्यक आहे, आपण घरी अडकला असाल तरीही निरोगी पर्याय निवडा.
  • कोविड-११ संसर्गामुळे आज घरातच राहणे आवश्यक झाले आहे. ज्यामुळे सामान्य जीवनशैलीत बदलली आहे. यामुळे अधिक स्नॅक्स खाणे, कमी हालचाली, आळशी आणि सुस्त जीवनशैली हे बदल होऊ शकतात, आणि या सर्वांमुळे ग्लुकोजच्या पातळीत वाढ होऊ शकते.
  • कोणत्याही नवीन जीवनशैलीतील बदल किंवा ताणतणाव, रक्तातील साखरेच्या वाढत्या पातळीस कारणीभूत ठरतात आणि मधुमेहावर नियंत्रण ठेवणे अधिक अवघड बनते. कोरोनाकाळात ही बाब मधुमेह रुग्णांसाठी चांगली नाही. म्हणूनच स्वत:ला निरोगी ठेवण्यासाठी आता अतिरिक्त प्रयत्नांची गरज आहे, असे डॉ. आशुतोष सोनवणे यांनी सांगितले.


घरी अडकले असताना निरोगी राहण्याचे काही मार्ग

  • आपली औषधे सातत्याने आणि वेळेवर घ्या.
  • सक्रिय रहा आणि नियमितपणे व्यायाम करा
  • स्नॅक्स आणि अतिरिक्त खाणे कमी करा किंवा टाळा.

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Diabetes threatens the feet to have serious effects, even with a minor cut. The lack of proper foot treatment typically contributes to nerve impairment or to diabetic neuropathy. The nerve wound will endlessly carry the feeling through your feet that a wound or even a slight cut cannot be seen. Therefore, every day before accidents become polluted, you have to look at your foot to establish significant complexities – such as amputation or gangrene.

The conditions will restrict blood flow through the limbs and make it more difficult to combat or cure the infection. Due to the barriers, in your footwear, you could not even perceive a foreign goal which would be able to start an amputation or blister if that did not change. You must properly care for your feet if you are a diabetic. In the self-care routine every day, you can add diabetic foot care.

Diabetic Foot Care: Daily Foot Examination Checklist

In view of diabetic feet, the top and back of your feet must be examined. You can check it, use a mirror, or request a colleague to check it for yourself. Also, ensure at each doctor’s appointment, that your limbs are tested.

When Working For Your Diabetes Foot Care, Watch For:

Cut Or Scratches: Wash with warm soap and liquid if you find a cut or injury. Then use your diabetes doctor’s antibiotic Lotions and use antiseptic Bandages to protect the wounds. In the event that you think the cut is bleeding, red, or scentless, get in touch immediately with your doctor.

Ulcers: Slowly improve cuts or insignificant scrapes or injuries caused by poorly-fitting footwear can end up contaminated in ulcers. You need to handle cutting or scratching immediately to prevent foot ulcers. Ask your doctor about your foot pain to make sure it is the right way.

Dry Skin: Diabetic feet ought to be properly cared for. In the event of dehydration of the feet, use moisturizers and the best diabetic foot cream to preserve a smooth surface. Garantie, however, that the lotion is not implemented in the toes as the moisture will stop the fungal germination. Diabetic skin and foot care is a very good subject to be researched further to keep your skin healthy.

Blisters: Feet and diabetes are bent and the feet are hurt. You should wear diabetic shoes that fit properly to prevent accidents. Never sever clear blister because it increases infection confusion. Only clean the blister with antibacterial cream and put a dressing on it.

Cracking, Red Surface, And Itching Within The Toes: The subsequent foot problems are fungal symptoms and you need to treat them promptly to prevent further infections. A cosmetic or a pill can be prescribed by the doctor.

Calluses/Corns: For corns and calluses, don’t seek to eliminate or cut a callus or corn. We suggest that you discuss with your doctor to prescribe the best way to abolish the corns.

Plantar Warts: They are tender, viral-induced callus looks and grow on the foot. They are tender. Take care of your circumstance with a doctor.

Ingrown Toenails: Make sure you regularly trim your toenails just to the top to reduce incoming toenails. Toenail and diabetes are a critical concern when skin-cutting stone eyes are damaged, contaminated, and reddened. See a physician for control of the issue of a cloven toenail.


Foot care is a vital element when one is suffering from Diabetes of any kind and needs special care and precaution. Try Meeting Dr. Ashutosh Sonawane, The best Diabetologist in Nashik if you have some complication related to your foot.

Dr. Ashutosh Sonawane